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Smart 49in TV Set Up With Latest Home Screen


49in TV – If you want to set up a Smart TV with the latest home screen features, this is a great opportunity. Here you are getting smart TVs with screen sizes up to 49 inches and 4K Ultra HD screen resolution at a discount. In addition, you can connect them to the Internet and enjoy many more OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hotstar on them.

Let me tell you about them in detail. For your convenience, information about these products remains given here. Due to the partial lockdown in many states, you may not be able to buy these products at this time, but soon, you will be able to buy them. So don’t forget to add it to Add to Cart / Add to Wishlist.

At this time if you are not able to go to the cinema hall, then you can enjoy the theater at home. Yes, today we have brought you a 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with a large screen size of up to 55 inches. You can order them right now at the same price. So here you are getting Smart TV ranging from 40 to 55 inches. Artificial Intelligence Alexa is also inbuilt in these. In this, you can play games on the Internet and watch web series released on TT form.

Here we have brought the five best Smart TVs for you. You can order them at a discount now.

Artec 102 cms Smart LED TV

It is the screen size of the Artec Smart LED TV dispatch. It has an HD-ready display. This smart TV comes with a sound output of 20 watts. In this, you get smart features like Belt & WiFi and Screen Mirroring. It has two HDMI ports for connectivity. It supports applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook. Its original price is ₹ 19,999, but you can order it for ₹ 16,899 after a discount of 16%.

Smart TV will completely change your home entertainment experience. It lets you watch your favorite TV shows, movies, or music programs

Artec 102 cms Smart LED TV

Now is the era of Smart TV. If you still have an old TV in your house, then by replacing it, you should also bring Smart TV because if you do not have it, you are far away from real entertainment. In Smart TV, you can watch your satellite TV shows, shows from OTT platforms, YouTube, personal videos, everything. Here you will get information about some smart TVs of different sizes and prices.

If falcon Smart QLED TV

This Smart TV has a 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED screen and 30 Watts of blazing Dolby sound. It has 3 HDMI ports then 2 USB ports. It also has built-in WiFi, hands-free voice control, and a screencast. Its MRP is Rs 1,26,990, but if you order it now, you can order it for just Rs 49,999 with a discount of 61%.

Panasonic Smart LED TV

This great Smart TV offers full HD video and 16 Watts strong sound output. This smart TV with a 40-inch screen has two HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. Its MRP is Rs 34,990, but a discount of 29% remains given. So you container buy it for just Rs 24,999.

AmazonBasics Smart LED TV

It is the Fire TV Edition smart TV from AmazonBasics. It has a 50-inch screen, 4K Ultra HD quality video, and 20 Watts Dolby Atmos sound output. It also has built-in Alexa and Alexa voice control and 3 HDMI ports. Its MRP is Rs 56,000, but if you order it now, you can buy it for just Rs 32,999 with a discount of 41%.


Journalists of NBT have not written this article. These products are available on Amazon at the time of writing this article.

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