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Better Measurements Elevates your Factory Floor

Better Measurements Elevates your Factory Floor: We live in a technology-driven society. Still, the best innovations are not just for consumption. For example, the manufacturing sector has relied on sophisticated automated machinery to achieve better results for years.

With incremental improvements such as the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), today’s manufacturers get equipment from industry leaders such as his CMMXYZ to achieve higher productivity than just a few years ago. While CMM machines consistently outperform honest workers, several features improve worker performance and reduce human errors.

Find out how CMMs helped improve manufacturing in North America.

The Risks of Globalization

For decades, North America was the manufacturing capital of the world. For example, Ford’s factories were world-famous for churning automobiles and creating blueprints for modern assembly lines.

Globalization then began to affect the profitability of North American manufacturing. Companies have started manufacturing parts overseas where labor is cheaper, and regulations are less. Manufacturing is a rapidly evolving industry, and factories here have had to adapt.

What’s the Solution? Automation

What's the Solution? Automation.

Suddenly North America found the answer to cheap overseas labor. CMM machines played a significant role in the resurgence of North American manufacturing, inspecting and grading parts on assembly lines more accurately and faster than human workers.

Measuring Parts of all Sizes

Specific industries use small and large parts. For example, smartphones require manufacturing tolerances of a few nanometers, while the aerospace industry builds planes and rockets that leave planetary orbits. In both cases, the people building these devices need to measure hard-to-measure parts accurately

CMM Machine Improvements and Enhancements

Today’s CMM machines are better than their predecessors. For example, some modern software programs allow CMM devices to detect when a part contains an error and automatically alert engines downstream in the assembly line.

Such an approach allows manufacturers to make already optimized cost reduction processes more effective. CMM machines remained initially used to automate metrology solutions, but now automation also identifies machine failures on assembly lines.

Finally, CMM machines remain widely used for product reverse engineering, troubleshooting, and quality assurance. Today, CMM machines remain used to determine whether aerospace products are fuel efficient and their engines are light.

Rockets and aircraft have specifications that must remain met regarding noise and carbon emissions. CMM machines ensure compliance for a wide variety of industries that require highly tangible results.

When you need a modern metrology solution for whatever your factory produces, a CMM machine can meet and exceed your needs. As this equipment improves and takes on new roles on your assembly line, you can rely on your CMM machines to strengthen your factory floor.

A Better Way to Measure Operating Costs

There is a difference between financial and factory productivity in many manufacturing facilities. Greater alignment can improve efficiency, pricing, and product strategy.

The CEO Visit

The CEO visited and concerned the senior plant manager of a large biotech manufacturing facility. The Treasury Department’s latest figures were not good: factory labor costs rose, and margins collapsed. Did.

As he explained, the usual accounting measure based on manufacturing costs suggests that fluctuating production levels have reduced operating efficiency, resulting in lower profit margins or a mix of high and low products with fluctuating profit margins on average. We couldn’t say if the margins were lower because we lowered the margins: work – or both.

He saw what was going on in the factory, so he thought the numbers should be better, but he had no way of going into the operational details to explain the quarter-to-quarter changes in productivity. It requires a deeper understanding of many components of the product cost. So the CEO gave the factory manager three months’ grace.

The Plant Manager Knew

The plant manager knew that he had spent a great deal of time analyzing the many activities of the biotech plant. First, the factory had seven production areas and thousands of stock-keeping units (SKUs). Then, graduate students hand-mixing custom chemicals in what looked like a laboratory. Elsewhere, fermentation and decomposition lines processed biological inputs.

In another wing, workers inspected the continuous flow of capsules and vials through a fully automated production line. One branch had a belt conveyor for medical equipment. Other areas housed testing and packaging lines. Some product families had hundreds of his SKUs with slightly different vital ingredients or concentrations. The combination of monthly volume fluctuations and production made it difficult to identify cost issues.


Better Measurements Elevates Your Factory Floor – We live in a technologically-driven society, but the best innovations aren’t just. Empowering your factory floor employee powerfully triggers increased responsibility and productivity.

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