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Brooks Launch 8 Women: The Brooks Launch 8 is an impartial lightweight cushioned trainer. The Launch 8 can be a quick shoe for a quick workout or an everyday trainer for all your running needs.

With a clean, elegant design and exceptional suspension, it offers the ideal combination of comfort, performance, versatility, and constancy at a very affordable price.

Considering how good this shoe has become, it’s hard to believe it remained temporarily discontinued a few years ago.

What’s New – Brooks Launch 8 Women

The Brooks Launch 8 received two critical updates from last year’s model. The new mesh upper improves fit and improves breathability. It also adds more blown rubber to the sole for increased durability and faster transitions. The latest version is also a bit lighter, which is never wrong.

The single-layer midsole has a “pleased medium” feel. The feel isn’t spongy or bouncy, but it’s neither stiff nor firm. Instead, it’s somewhere in between – soft enough to be comfortable but firm enough to be fast. BioMoGo midsole foam and the brand’s patented DNA cushioning technology combine for a responsive, almost custom ride that adapts to your gait characteristics.

The new upper keeps the snug fit and athletic vibe that has always been inherent to Launch. The new upper is durable and helps reinforce a secure fit. The shoe tends to feel a little bulky, especially on the forefoot, where there is plenty of room for your bunions to move.

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Fit, Feel, Drive

The Launch 8 continues to feature a snug, proper athletic fit that feels firm in the heel and midfoot with a hint of extra space in the toe box.

The entry fee is soft, comfortable, and welcoming, but not luxuriously plush. When you run in it, you have the impression that your foot is anchored in a light shoe, ready for a fast cadence run.

The ride gives off an active and exciting aura with a feel that is slightly softer and more supple in the heel and slightly stiffer in the forefoot. It allows for comfortable foot pedaling and electric toe pulling.

Who Is It Best For – Brooks Launch 8 Women

Who Is It Best For - Brooks Launch 8 Women

Thanks to its multi-faceted makeup, the Launch has always been a bit of a multi-purpose “shoe enhancer.” It falls between lightweight performance coaches and high-mileage workhorses that are an ounce or two heavier.

It can roll as a twice-a-week quick workout shoe, but it can also hold its own as a versatile, everyday trainer. It’s also a good idea to consider 5K to marathon shoes on race day.

Pro: Brooks 8 Launch

A thin, durable compound in the rear and thicker, more durable blown rubber in the forefoot. The innovative sole has rubber around the entire circumference from heel to toe. It also has four flex grooves contributing to a supple and energetic feel just before the toe.

The partially reinforced inner boot no longer secures the tongue but doesn’t seem to wander after lacing it. It has medium cushioning that provides comfort and protection at the top of the foot where the laces cross but does its job without getting in the way.

Is a shoe with a $100 amount tag worth it? Yes, this is an excellent shoe for the price with lots of value and benefits for the thrifty runner. Few shoes come near to the versatility, lightweight, and well-cushioned construction of the Launch. And it was only a hundred dollars!

Cons: Brooks Runs 8

There isn’t far to like about Launch 8. Compared to more expensive shoes in the performance sneaker or premium cushioning category, the Launch 8 isn’t as light, doesn’t offer as much performance, doesn’t feel as plush, and doesn’t have as much of a challenging ride. But overall, it’s a damn good shoe.


At $80, the Brooks Launch 8 would be an excellent value. Its perfect soft and firm blend makes it a very comfortable running shoe capable of fast training. In addition, the true-to-size upper is quiet and offers a satisfactory level of security.

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