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Full Swing Launch Monitor

Full Swing Launch Monitor: The Full Swing KIT launch monitor is a fantastic one at an excellent price. It provides every metric you want with factual accuracy. A standalone ability. Very easy to use.


When the world first saw Tiger Woods swing a golf club after a car accident, he wore the Full Swing KIT. You couldn’t ask for a better production introduction. Officially endorsed by the GOAT himself, the Full Swing KIT aims to bring Tour-level accuracy down to a price that is within reach of more golfers. I tested one to see how it compares to the current industry standard.

Setup and Ease of Use

Setup and Ease of Use

After charging the Full Swing KIT, place it ten feet behind where you will hit. You can use it indoors or outdoors, but Full Swing recommends a ball flight of at least eight feet. Power on, select your club, and you’re ready to go. You should tailor the KIT to your goal (this can be done with or without the app), but it’s not necessary to be 100% perfect unless you’re interested in specific numbers.

KIT has an excellent built-in display, so you can use it without a phone or tablet. The show is fantastic indoors but can be harder to read in bright sunlight. I think most people will choose to pair an iPhone or iPad, but using it on its own is one of KIT’s best features.

With or without a device connected, you can customize the display on the board. Your options range from displaying one metric to displaying everything the KIT measures, four numbers on the screen.


The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor measures sixteen data points: carry distance, total distance, spin speed, spin axis, face angle, faceoff, angle of attack, launch angle, ball speed, club speed, smash factor, and club path. , peak height, horizontal launch angle, offline transfer distance, and total offline distance. Accuracy was impressive in both my indoor and outdoor testing.

I ran it head-to-head with my Foresight GCQuad [review HERE] and found little to no difference in launch distances and angles. KIT was less consistent with the spin numbers, but that’s something Full Swing is aware of and working to improve.

Regarding club delivery numbers, there tend to be differences between radar and camera systems. The differences between the KIT and the GCQuad were the same as the GCQuad and Trackman. It means that KIT provided reliable club data, although it did not necessarily match GCQuad perfectly.

Two other things impressed me about KIT. I first tested the KIT with less space than Full Swing recommends, but I didn’t notice any actual loss of accuracy. The unit missed a few shots, but they were very weak hits that I was happy to forget.

Additionally, I found that the KIT was not adversely affected when, for example, I hit a driver with the 6I as my club of choice. I do not recommend using the KIT in ways or settings not recommended by the manufacturer. Still, my experience is that the KIT is capable of more than the Full Swing advertises.


The Full Swing KIT application is excellent. It’s intuitive, responsive, and does everything you could ask it to do. You can align the unit, change clubs, adjust the data display on the board, and view your numbers through the app.

The app also allows you to view session data and watch swing videos. Unfortunately, it is only available on iOS (Apple) devices at the time of release.

Complete Swing KIT is free to use. However, for $100/year, you can unlock unlimited video storage, historical session archives and visualizations, historical club averages, and historical session analysis.

Golf Simulation

The Full Swing KIT launch monitor also supports golf simulation. This is done through the e6 software platform. You need a KIT, an Apple device (iPhone or iPad), and an e6 subscription. There are several pricing plans for e6 starting at $299/year for access to over two dozen courses. I haven’t tested the golf simulation with KIT, but I’ve used the e6 in the past and found the graphics impressive.


The Full Swing KIT launch monitor retails for $4,000. Please consider supporting Plugged In Golf sponsor by purchasing HERE.

When it comes to value, the Full Swing KIT is a monster. It provides a vast measurement range and very high accuracy at a price that is a fraction of its professional competition. It’s also important to note that $4,000 is the actual price.

You don’t have to pay more to unlock features like other boot monitors. The KIT also comes with an excellent carrying case that houses the charging cable and feels like it could protect the unit from an accidental drop.


The Full Swing KIT is the 2022 version of the Garmin R10 [review HERE] – a launch monitor that shatters our preconceptions about how much launch monitor we can get for our money. This device provides all the metrics you could want at about 1/5 the cost of the established names. And the accuracy is good enough for Tiger Woods, so it’s more than suitable for you.

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