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A Guide to the Canon Mirrorless 2019

Launched as Canon’s First Full-Frame Mirrorless Substitutable Lens Camera through built-in EVF, the EOS R features the breakthrough in base technology for high-speed communication between lens and camera. In addition, the DIGIC 8 processor enables the camera to support new features such as an in-camera Digital Lens Optimiser and enhances Dual Sensing IS. Combination IS provides five stops of image stabilization for 30.3-megapixel calms and 4K UHD videos.

Never miss a shot again with near instantaneous of 0.05s AF, near complete darkness focus maximum of EV -6, Eye Detection AF, and 5 655 selectable AF positions, through possible with Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology.

The ergonomically designed weather-resistant magnesium alloy body provides reliability. Coupled with the new customizable multi-function bar and Vari-angle touch-screen LCD, the EOS R would form a seamless union with you.

  • 30.3megapixel Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • 0.05s focusing time
  • 5 655 selectable focus positions
  • EV -6 focusing limit
  • Dual Sensing IS, and Combination IS
  • Dust and Drip Resistant

Features of Canon Mirrorless 2019

Canon Mirrorless 2019

Autofocus using two pixels

Each effective pixel on the CMOS sensor can perform phase-difference autofocusing and imaging operations thanks to the autofocus technique known as “Dual Pixel CMOS AF.” focus rates are as quick as 0.05 seconds. Greater compositional freedom when shooting is made possible by the availability of up to 5 655 selectable points.

The ability to focus even in low-light conditions would be challenging for the human eye. Low-light focusing limit of EV-6 at the central focus point. Eye Detection AF, a feature of the EOS R, can identify and focus on a subject’s pupil. The feature is perfect for photographing portraits, which necessitates precise focusing.

Licensed Videography

The Cinema EOS System of video production equipment has demonstrated success with Canon’s proprietary Canon Log log gamma, which remains supported by the EOS R and offers 4K (3 840 x 2 160 p) video recording. Regarding post-production editing and processing, Canon Log video offers great flexibility. Additionally, color grading enables the creation of rich video expression through the subtle manipulation of light and shadow.

The EOS R can display 4K video through an HDMI connector on external devices. Additionally, when using Canon Log, the camera can produce video with a wide color range and a rich gradation (10bit output) (next-generation broadcasting standard ITU-R BT.2020).

Operational Excellence

The camera has a multifunction bar on its back, a first for the EOS series, that allows for both tap and slide movements, making it simple to change the shoot settings and transmit images. Additionally, it has a 100% coverage integrated 3.96 million dots high-resolution OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF). Users may successfully alter settings while shooting without looking away from their subject thanks to a combination of features like the multifunction bar, a sub-electronic dial on top, and the control ring on RF lenses. Features a longer battery life and faster continuous shooting at 11 frames per second.

2019 saw what Canon releases?

The well-liked and enduring 80D remained succeeded by the Canon 90D, released in 2019. So what major changes have occurred? The most recent model now shoots 4K video and has increased megapixels from 24.2 to 32.5.

Is Canon Mirrorless Good?

The EOS R is an attractive choice for many as a top-tier mirrorless camera. EOS R body has advanced features and an easy-to-use design. It’s terrific for professionals, beginners, and everyone in between. One group it’s catered towards is long-time Canon users who want a more compact camera.

Is Mirrorless Worth Buying?

The profits of mirrorless cameras often include being lighter, smaller, faster, and better for video, but this comes at the expense of having contact with fewer lenses and accessories. A greater variety of lenses, generally better optical viewfinders, and a significantly longer battery life are all benefits for DSLRs.


High-end Canon or Nikon DSLRs, like the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR camera or the Nikon D850 DSLR camera, is popular among professional photographers. Depending on the required professional results, there are numerous fantastic possibilities. Therefore, these top-tier cameras remained created to deliver breathtaking results.

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