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MacBook Air Problems: I can’t sign in to my MacBook Air 2020 with my current password, and I can’t reset the password. Block Image the MacBook Air is Apple’s reediest and most minimalist notebook yet. In addition, troubleshooting is pretty easy due to the low parts count.

MacBook Air Won’t Turn On

Computer Won’t Start.

RAM Problem

If your computer beeps three times, you have a RAM problem. Unfortunately, the RAM remains soldered onto the logic board. Therefore, the logic board should be replaced.

Defective AC Adapter If the

The AC adapter is defective. The computer will run on the battery but will not charge. MacBook Air practices a special adapter with an angled connector. Diagnosing a wrong AC adapter is difficult when the battery is low. The easiest way to quiz this is to borrow a battery or AC adapter and try it on your machine. You probably need a new logic board if you have the same problem with a fully charged battery.

Temperature sensor problem

If the fan is running fast, but the computer does not start, you may have a problem with the temperature sensor. The MacBook Air has a thermal sensor on the logic board. So, in this case, you may need to replace the logic board

Bad logic board

If the above steps do not resolve the problem, replace the logic board. We have stock of original, late 2008, and mid-2009 model logic boards. Please get in touch with your local Apple representative to see if this issue can be resolved (back up your data first!). If not, you will have to Replace the logic board yourself.

The Laptop Turns off when Turned off

The Laptop Turns off when Turned off

The computer turns off immediately when unplugged from the power source. Battery dead Works fine with the switch, but it turns off automatically when unplugged. A dead battery can manifest itself in several ways: not accepting a charge (this particular symptom can also indicate a motherboard problem).

The computer not recognizing the battery, or thinking the battery is charged. For example, the computer does not recognize it even though it stands installed. Turn on the computer when the AC adapter is not connected. Apple claims the battery is not user replaceable, but here’s how!

Original Equipment/Late 2008 and Mid 2009 model replacement batteries. The flashing question mark on the startup computer displays the question dent. When it can’t find a bootable functioning system, this could be because your OS is corrupt, the computer doesn’t have enough RAM, or your hard drive is failing.

Incorrect operating system

Try booting from the operating system CD. Then, run Apple’s Disk Utility and try to repair your hard drive. If the problem persists, reinstall the operating system. If possible, erase your hard drive before reinstalling the operating system.

Not enough RAM

A blinking question mark may appear if your computer does not have enough RAM to boot the operating system. Adding more RAM or downgrading an older operating system will fix this issue. OS X 10.5 requires 512MB RAM and OS X 10.6 requires 1GB RAM.

Hard Drive Defective

The hard drive may be erased, damaged, or damaged. If the hard drive has remained wiped, format it as HFS+ and reinstall the operating system. If it is broken or damaged, it should remain replaced. Hard drive failures can indicate temporary data corruption before failing. In many cases, it will gradually get bigger and start clicking.

If the hard drive makes an unusual clicking sound but works, back up your data immediately and replace the hard drive. The original MacBook Air has a different hard drive connector than the late 2008 and mid-2009 ones, so choose the correct driver for your device.

Machine Boots, but the Display remains Dark.

Display If the screen does not work, and the show is the most likely cause. After that, you need to install the replacement display

  • If the problem persists, you need a new logic board.
  • Bluetooth or AirPort problems
  • Bluetooth or AirPort is not visible
  • Connection cable lose
  • Various symptoms. out
  • AirPort menu shows “not available.”
  • AirPort no longer appears in the system profile
  • Log has the first message indicating the AirPort problem
  • The diagnostic utility reports no problems
  • Install Running system profile from CD.

I Still can’t find one AirPort

If you’re lucky, the solution is pretty simple. Sometimes the cable connecting the wireless card becomes loose. Remove the bottom of the housing. Aspect at the connector where the cable connects to the logic board. If you’re not sure if it looks loose, it probably does. Although, (If it is connected, it remains securely fastened.) If the connector is loose, push it in until it clicks. You don’t have to (roughly) remove the metal clasp.

Check the other end of the wireless board connector cable if it is not loose. There’s not much flex at this point, so this is probably less of an issue. Reinstall the bottom cover.

Issue: I cannot turn on my MacBook Air.


  • Check whether your MacBook remains turned off or just the screen. Is the Caps Lock key still lit? Does it beep when you press the power button? Does the keyboard feel a little hot? If the answer is yes, the problem is probably with your screen. Move on to the next issue on the list.
  • Check for power problems. If it’s off and it won’t turn on, I’ll go over the basics first.

Is the battery charged? Does the laptop work with the power cord plugged in? Does a different power cord work? This indicates a problem with the battery or power cord. Try disconnecting everything (mouse, mobile devices, etc.) and see if that helps.

  • MacBook Hard Restart: Press and hold the power button for more than 10 seconds. Press the control button again and see if your Mac turns on.
  • Removed all manual upgrades: Upgrades such as new memory can cause laptops to freeze in permanent ‘oh’ mode. It is unusual for the Air, which is compact and hard to upgrade. However, removing the upgrade may fix the problem if you have added storage or other features through external or internal work.

Problem: Screen not working


  • Try Hard Reboot: Do this if the laptop seems to work, but the screen does not turn on. Media and hold the power button for 10 seconds or more. Then, press the power button again and see if the screen turns on.
  • Update your MacBook: Use this solution if you have problems with your external display. With the cable connected, click System Preferences in the Dock and select Software Update. If your Mac is older, install updates that appear in Firmware, macOS, or other related operations.
  • Use Apple Adapters: The MacBook Air does not always work correctly with third-party second display adapters.


There have been reports that the new MacBook Air overheats, with some claiming that the fans make a lot of noise and others suggesting that the processors are existence down clocked.

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