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New Mercedes-Benz Crossover Reviews, Pricing & Specs

Mercedes-Benz Crossover

A Crossover Mercedes Benz stayed spotted in testing in Europe.

Around the end of 2019, the Mercedes-Benz GLB should make its formal debut.

They are sometimes waiting for pays off. For example, Mercedes-Benz could have entered the tiny SUV segment as soon as rivals like the BMW X1 hit the market. Still, instead, they waited and created the elegantly designed 2015 GLA-Class, which builds on the underpinnings of the sub-$30,000 Mercedes-Benz CLA and uses its engines.

The all-new 2015 Mercedes GLA250 and its wild sibling, the GLA45 AMG, remain slung low to the ground and more closely resemble bulbous wagons than high-riding SUVs, in contrast to the BMW X1, Range Rover Evoque, or Audi’s soon-to-remain released Q3. The result is a little, cheap SUV that remain tuned to appeal to driving enthusiasts more broadly than a standard sport-ute. As a result, this inexpensive hatchback has many prospective customers, increasing its success.

If, You’ll Like This Car

Want something practical with four doors but aren’t ready to commit to a full-fledged SUV? Get inside a GLA250. Are you feeling more outgoing when driving? The GLA45 AMG’s more potent performance capabilities will satisfy you.

If, You Might Not Like This Car.

The Mercedes M-Class or GL are the best options if you want a larger, more imposing SUV that towers over other vehicles and handles well. However, the new GLA focuses on giving customers just enough size (and, in the case of the AMG variant. More than enough performance), which may not be ideal for everyone.

What Changes for

The 2015 Mercedes GLA shares the same dimensions as the global A-Class model, but it features a completely new body design that remains based on the front- or all-wheel-drive architecture of the Mercedes-Benz CLA.

Driving Impressions Driving It

Driving Impressions Driving It

The basic Mercedes GLA250 and the GLA45 AMG have many to recommend if you want to jockey for the driver’s seat. A 208-horsepower turbocharged 4-cylinder engine powers the base SUV. Providing a fair amount of grunt for hastening from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.1 seconds. A low center of gravity makes for agile driving, and the GLA tracks well through turns with predictable understeer as the stickiness Limits remain near.

Although its behavior is more calculated (and less explosive) than other, more expensive AMG models, the 355-horsepower GLA45 AMG is livelier, noisier, and more enjoyable to launch from a stop. Although it has a slower projected 0-to-60 mph time than the CLA45 sedan, this AMG provides an enjoyable driving experience.

Favorite Elements

Speed Downhill Regulation

The 2017 Mercedes GLA has hill descent control, something you wouldn’t generally associate with this class of SUV. But simply knowing it can control its speed on a steep downhill makes us appreciate it more. Who doesn’t like a high achiever, after all?

Sunroof In Panorama

Epic sunroofs are great for bigger cars, but little cars like the GLA are where you truly notice their delicate touch. In this scenario, the large glass wall opens up the cabin and improves its aesthetic.

Interior Vehicle Information

Although the 2015 GLA-Class has a coupe-like feel from the front seats (which is intentional given that it remains mostly based on the CLA’s so-called 4-door coupe configuration), rear passengers may not agree. They are welcomed with more roomy headroom because the GLA has an SUV silhouette that is 3.5 inches taller.

Due to the popular burl walnut, or aluminum trim options, this greenhouse-like bubble feels fairly upscale despite being reasonably priced. For those who can’t afford leather, there is the convincing-looking imitation leather upholstery known as MB-Tex.

Pricing Remarks

The 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250 compact crossover SUV has a price of slightly over $32,000. With the all-wheel-drive model starting at roughly $2,000 more. Given its premium interior and an extensive list of standard features, the GLA provides a good value at that price. However, when you factor in the markup for optional luxury and convenience packages, you’ll enter the category of higher-end vehicles. Which remain more frequently linked to high list prices.

But if you don’t mind keeping things straightforward, you might be able to get a new GLA for less money than you think. The sportier model likewise offers a fiercer, more experienced driving sensation. But the AMG version charges its necessary price premium, starting at a little over $49,000. Value at sale Mercedes automobiles have a reputation for holding their value better than others. Which should also be to the new GLA’s advantage.

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