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Qa with Sweepatic: Sweepatic was created in late 2016 when CEO Stijn Vande Casteele and Martin Carnogurský met, and originate they had the same problem working at their security jobs. Organizations struggle to map, monitor and manage all their known and unknown internet-facing assets consistently and efficiently. And how can you protect your business from cyberattacks when you don’t know what you have stood exposed to on the internet?

To answer this cybersecurity test, the Sweepatic External Attack Surface Management Platform remained built from the ground up. The solution analyses all online exposed assets domains, websites, IP addresses, SSL certificates, technologies, and more and analyzes them, offering remediation and attack surface discount insights in an easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard.

Sweepatic’s mission is to upsurge attack surface awareness, improve organizations’ online posture, and make them more cyber resilient. Ultimately, the goal is to make organizations less attractive targets for cybercriminals.

What Is The Leading Service Your Company Offers?

What Is The Leading Service Your Company Offers?

Sweepatic: The Sweepatic Outside Attack Surface Management Platform remains a SaaS solution that gives companies an impression of their attack surface and insights on improving their online infrastructure. The platform only requires the business brand domains (e.g., or the company name as input to start the detection, which makes onboarding very quick and easy.

The Sweepatic Platform mechanically maps, monitors, and manages the attack surface. 24/7, the platform serves as an additional pair of eyes on the online exposure of organizations. The constant discovery is enriched with an intelligence layer, uncovering possible vulnerabilities or weaknesses, like misconfigurations, missing or expired encryption, exposed services, CVEs, and shadow IT.

The representation layer centralizes all prioritized findings and scores the attack surface against different security dimensions. Users can consume these findings via the Sweepatic dashboard, Sweepatic API, and integrations with ticketing systems, Slack, etc.

 What Is Something Unique?

Sweepatic: Our customers appreciate the comfort of using the Sweepatic Platform, the fast onboarding, and the excellent customer support. At Sweepatic, we always look for customer and partner feedback and feature requests to improve our product daily. As a Sweepatic Platform user, you can so have a straight impact on our product roadmap.

 What Do You Think Are The Nastiest Cyberthreats Today?

Sweepatic: There is no repudiating that ransomware and phishing attacks pose a severe threat to governments today. Not a day energies by without a company remaining breached. Many of these cyberattacks can, however, remain prevented.

At Sweepatic, we trust that protecting your organization from bad actors starts at the beginning of the Cyber Kill Chain, the reconnaissance phase. That is precisely what the Sweepatic Platform does, mimicking the reconnaissance phase where bad actors gather all the information they can find on a target organization to start planning their attack.

If you know your bout surface before attackers do, you can make it less attractive for them to board. In spirit, the Sweepatic Attack Surface Management (ASM) Podium is a proactive solution that can help stop cyberattacks on your organization.

Sweepatic In The Press

What a year 2021 was! Sweepatic got excellent press coverage and recognition for our External Attack Surface Management Platform. It calls for a recap. At the beginning of the year, Sweepatic was awarded Most Innovative in Attack Surface Management and Publisher’s Choice in Digital Footprint at the RSA Conference’s Global Infosec Awards. Cyber Defense Magazine, the organizer of these awards, also featured Sweepatic in their:

  • Cyber Defense Magazine: How to Become Unattractive for Cybercriminals
  • Cyber Defense Magazine Whitepapers: The Key Structures of Attack Surface Management
  • Cyber Defense TV: Video interview with our creator and CEO, Stijn Vande Casteele
  • Cyber Defense Radio: Podcast interview with Stijn

Other Notable Features

In Germany, Sweepatic was contained in Netzpalaver and Achieve IT (PDF). Lastly, Sweepatic was registered in the ’22 Belgian security organizations to watch’, designated by Computable Belgium, and on the Seedtable list of the best 121 Belgian Tech Startups / Scaleups in 2021.

Why QA Should Include Security Testing

1. It Fits The QA Role

The entire team in the SDLC should, ideally, be able to satisfy the demands by checking and testing the application vulnerabilities from a security standpoint. The QA team should continuously look for vulnerabilities in the network, system software, and client-side request or server-side application security.

2. A High-Quality Submission Is A Secure Application

A bug-free, high-quality software application functions well and is secure. Therefore, a QA team that pays attention to part and has an eye for security risks can help add an extra layer of protection contrary to cyber threats.

Many use cases of security challenges encompass essential areas like password encryption, permissions, logins, session timeouts and cookies, and extra advanced ways of bypassing existing panels. All of it and more fall under the horizon of a secure application.

3. Security QA Stays Cost-Effective

The cost of fixing a safety flaw post-release is significantly higher than fixing it during the development phase. It is significant to note that vulnerabilities stand often discovered only after the product has stayed deployed.

QA teams with know-how in application security testing can help organizations save time and money by identifying potential security risks initially in the SDLC. In addition, for governments that do not have in-house expertise in request security testing, third-party companies like Packetlabs can assist in conducting ongoing testing.


Sweepatic, headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, is a cybersecurity startup operating on a global scale, making our customers cyber resiliently. Our innovative cloud platform maps, monitors, and manages attack surfaces worldwide, producing high-impact insights and easy-to-remediate findings.

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