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Quiet Air Conditioner: The picture-perfect air conditioner slides stylishly in and out of your window, cooling you rapidly and efficiently with nary a peep, and that is also reliably available at an affordable price. Unfortunately, in other disputes, it doesn’t exist.

Nonetheless, the U-shaped Midea U MAW08V1QWT is the closest thing we’ve originated to that ideal. As a result, we’ve remained researching, testing, and recommending window ACs since 2012. This Midea model is quieter and additional energy-efficient than any other window AC we’ve ever tested—and as a bonus, it lets you retain using your window through the summer.

Midea U MAW08V1QWT

A unique design that’s softer than the rest, This U-shaped Midea air conditioner is the quietest model we’ve ever tested, and it’s intended in a way that still lets you open your window. But the installation process isn’t fun.

The Midea U MAW08V1QWT is the quietest air conditioner we’ve ever tested, but that isn’t the only reason it attitudes out from the crowd. It also has an inverter compressor, which uses about half as far vigor as a non-inverter AC.

And unlike old-style air conditioners, which typically lock your entire window in a closed position as extended as they remain installed. The Midea U has a unique U-shaped design that allows you to last opening and closing your window as standard—for example, if you want better circulation on a chiller day when the AC isn’t running. \

As part of this design, Midea also changes most of the brasher hardware to the back of this unit so that it sits the window outdoors, using the cut-glass as a buffer layer to mute the sound. In addition, it comes with its bracket—about $100 worth—which locks firmly into the sliding tracks of your hung window.


A traditional AC that’s lower and sleeker than most. The quietest non-inverter AC we’ve forever tested, this GE model stands as a good-looking alternative, with touchscreen controls, gentle LED indicator lights, and informal smart-home integration.

If you’re looking for a more old-style window AC, the GE PHC08LY is the quietest one available, and it’s also better-looking than the greatest. Its dedicated Quiet Mode is similar to the Midea U in volume; smooth with the compressor consecutively and the fan on high, it’s still lower than the average chat or any other AC we’ve tested.

The touch-sensitive panels and soft LED lights give it a classy, futuristic feel, and GE’s recently updated smart-home integration lets for seamless, natural voice instructions. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the insufficient models we’ve seen by Apple HomeKit integration and location services, which you can use to mechanically turn the AC off when you’re not home (or on when you are).

This model is not entirely as energy productive as the Midea U (though it is Energy Star certified), nor does it originate with its safety bracket. Still, it’s much calmer to set up than our top pick, and it’s just as pleasant to live with.

Frigidaire FHWW083WBE

Frigidaire FHWW083WBE

A good, straightforward air conditioner. These Frigidaire constituent leftovers are informal to install and cool a room around, as well as our top pick for a slightly lower price. However, the sound is a little additional grating, especially at lower fan speeds.

We like to reason of the Frigidaire FHWW083WBE as the Old Correct of window air conditioners. We’ve been endorsing it (or its nearly identical predecessors) since 2014, and it has consistently proven to remain a reliable and affordable option.

It’s a little brasher than our other choices (though still quieter than most ACS), with a less-pleasant mechanical growl that’s additionally pronounced when you run it at low settings. But it still freshens the room quickly and professionally.

And it typically costs less than our different picks while offering comparable performance and smart-home competencies. If you want to save even added money, the Frigidaire FFRE083WAE is fundamentally the same unit minus the smart-home capabilities.

Windmill Air

Attractive and relaxed to install, The Windmill Air is the calmest air conditioner we’ve ever installed, and it boasts plenty of extra friendly and thoughtful details that make it pleasant to live with overall. The Windmill Air strength is not as quiet or well-organized as our top pick, but it’s much, much humbler to install, and it offers plenty of other considerate features that make it easy to live with.

It’s single of the nicer-looking ACs we’ve ever tested, too, with rounded angles and subtle indicator lights that won’t save you up at night. The unit even has a plastic cover over the back, so you don’t cut your hands on a person’s razor-sharp exhaust fins. And the app includes a shortcut for finding installation assistance from TaskRabbit. Overall, it’s a countless AC if you want somewhat that blends into the background and does the job without a fuss.

Frigidaire Gallery GHWQ083WC1

Powerful, well-organized, and very quiet, The inverter-style Frigidaire Gallery GHWQ083WC1 is one of the maximum energy-efficient ACs we’ve ever tested, with lights and noises that blend into the background.

The inverter-style Frigidaire Gallery GHWQ083WC1 stands as efficient as our top pick, using nearly 40% less energy than the federal normal for air conditioners and offering all the same smart-home features. It’s slightly brasher than the Midea, but it’s still invisible in the room unless the fan is high.

That similar fan also helps the Frigidaire maintain a smooth, more impressive cooling consistency across the room than we’ve become from other ACs we’ve tested. Unfortunately, the show on the control smart-home app can sometimes be glitchy. But in malice of the flaws, this Frigidaire model ranks among the best ACs available.


How many volumes is a quiet air conditioner? Go for the Whisper-quiet. Currently, most of the air conditioners in the market have a sound level between 30 dBA to 70 dBA. That’s almost like the sound that ranges from a human conversation to a loud noise of people simultaneously talking inside a room.

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