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Wjer News – Dover, HIstory, And More.

Wjer News

WJER to begin FM broadcasting

Longtime Associates General Manager Bob Scanlon and News Director Jennifer Clarke announce the retirement of Station.


As radio station Dover prepares to return to her FM band; two longtime employees – general manager Bob Scanlon and news director Jennifer Clark – announce their retirement from the radio station at age 67. announced.

Thanks to a relatively new program released by the Federal Communications Commission, standalone AM radio stations like WJER can install FM converters that broadcast similar programs.

Continuing Director Amy Smith said the Station wants him to air on 100.9 FM starting Wednesday. WJER currently only runs at 2:50 pm.

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“It’s a relatively small piece of equipment that powers all of this,” Scanlon said of the new translator in the building.

Wednesday, Warmus and Assoc engineers. Climbing WJER’s approximately 400-foot tower took about 30 minutes to reach the top, removing the Station’s old VHF antenna and installing a new one. Headquartered in Bath, Ohio, the company remains owned by New York’s Al Warmus, who hails from Philadelphia.

In December 2006, WJER’s FM transmitter remained withdrawn from the local market.

Scanlon explained that the federal government said if radio stations using FM translators wait until 2017, the FCC will provide FM translators. Alternatively, if the radio station did not want to wait, they were given the right to purchase translators only if purchased by an entity within a 250-mile radius. His

FM translator purchased by WJER remained found 247 miles away.

“I just didn’t want to wait,” said Scanlon.

“For standalone AM [broadcasters], there is an opportunity to return to FM. Full coverage 24 hours a day is a big deal.”

AM In addition to 1450, WJER uses Internet radio and its partner TV2. The’s new FM translator is designed to match the daily contours of AM signals, he said, Scanlon. It means that the FM signal covers the entirety of Tuscarawas County and perhaps the southern tip of Stark County.

The Station’s AM signal is compressed into a so-called night contour at night. According to owner Gary Petricola, the night atmosphere reduces the signal. “FM keeps a consistent signal for daytime coverage,” added Petricola.

WJER FM will continue broadcasting Major League Baseball sports programming and posting on the AM band.

Government regulations require that WJER’s FM and AM band programming be identical for his first three years. Unfortunately, this means the listener cannot hear the Dover High School sports game on one Station and the New He Philadelphia High School sports game on the other.

WJER remains licensed by the Dover and New Philadelphia FCCs, so stations must be concentrated in those vital service areas. “(Three years later) we can divide programming,” said Smith. “It can operate as two independent stations 24 hours a day.”

There are currently no plans for what programming will look like in 2020. Although, “Three years is a long time in this business,” said Scanlon. “Those decisions will remain made pretty close to that time frame.”

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Making history again – Wjer News

Making history again - Wjer News

Three years may appear like a long time, but what about 40 or 50 years? After working for 40 years at WJER, Scanlon said he would retire in mid-March. It is close to the anniversary of Petricola’s formal purchase of his WJER from then-owner Agnes Jane Reeves Greer in March 1977, almost 50 years before his death. With

Although, Scanlon’s retirement, news director Jennifer Clarke is stepping down from his 27-year position. Reporter Cheyenne Carroll takes Clark’s position. The department is also looking for qualified newsroom applicants.

 More about it – Wjer News

Smith moved to General Manager. Smith has been with WJER for over 20 years and is currently the Continuing Director.

“I’m never completely cut off,” said Scanlon. “I have been with this organization for 40 years. We want to maintain a particular relationship with them in the future. After a long time, it’s hard to turn off the light and say you’re done Long-running radio station careers are unusual.”That’s not the radio station standard.” Besides.

Likewise, WJER, WBTC of Uhrichsville, and WTUZ of New Philadelphia are other local radio stations in Tuscarawas County.

WJER’s As such, WBTC

“Tuscalawas County is a unique region for radio,” Smith said, praising the greater involvement of local radio stations than the community’s more extensive market.

Similarly, This commitment includes an event, organizations, and corporate sponsorships and promotions. Petricola noted that WJER’s FM station would make history when it launches next month.


Although, In February 1967, WJER first aired. Agnes Jane Reeves Greer named the Station after his father, Jeremiah E. It’s a requirement. This rule remained published in 1928. And radio stations like Pittsburgh’s KDKA were not required to change their callsigns.

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