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Things to know about Is legit? WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT because it has a low trust rating. The website is suspect, at least for now. Our VLDTR® Fraud Detector offers an overview of this business and its software industry. We used 53 deciding factors to verify if is legit. Since the rating is low, you can find trusted alternatives for the same products below. Please share your experience as well. Software Software

The store belongs to the trending software niche. So we tried removing a short paragraph from their website to see if it was “friendly” enough (see below): The above segment may or may not reveal the business of but may extend beyond it. So first, let’s look at the rationale behind the rating. review

VLDTR® Fraud Detector detects that has a low authority level of 26.90. This means that the business remains characterized as suspicious. Hazardous. Doubtful.

There are several good reasons for this 26.90 mark. Most importantly, the domain name is very new. It was registered recently. Therefore, it is very challenging for a brand new website to launch a business, promote products, get people to buy them, get clients to try them, and then have time to get reviews – all in a short period.

However, our algorithm still gives the benefit of the doubt and arrives at a rating of 26.90, adding 52 more relevant factors to its software niche in the mix. They range from Alexa rank, quality of customer service, IP address, the technology used, negative feedback on social media, and SSL certificate.

If you don’t know what the above terms are, don’t worry. We search deep on the web, so you don’t have to. One of the best things about using our VLDTR® tool is that the rating can’t stay rigged because it’s not based solely on reviews that people write online.

Additional Information to Consider received a low rating, but 26.90 may change over time. Its software niche is crucial, so we wait to see if its services get worse or better. However, we strive to make all verifications as close to perfect as possible. This way, you can protect yourself from financial fraud. Feel free to share your thoughts below.

This review and rating of remain confident based on the influential factors available to us, but it requires attention to detail and common sense. In the meantime, if you are a site owner, please feel free to address issues with constructive comments or contact us at info at scam-detector dot com. We will join and consider changing the review.

Is Appniki.Com a Scam? How would you rate it?

You can contribute to the information on this page. Is a scam? If you were involved in this business, how would you rate it? Share your experience by leaving a review below. Please feel free to comment if you have come into contact with the company or are considering doing business with them.

How to Report Scammers

If you want to know how to report a scammer in the same industry as or not, you can officially do so to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can also submit names of questionable businesses in the comments section.

Are Appnike Reviews real or Fake?

To help determine if is a scam or a reliable website, we wanted to research Appnike thoroughly. Following are the measures we take to decide if reviews are authentic and whether Appnike can be trusted or not.

Let us provide you with all the information; then, we will help you be the best judge to determine whether is a scam or legit. Once you look at our report, you will probably realize that the answer to this question is self-evident (combined with your knowledge and experience).

The primary fraudulent strategy commonly practiced by fraudulent online businesses in 2021 is to set up independent “hidden” sites for thousands of items, sell them, and then leave the buyer with no action to retake the site after purchase.

The top secret website is an important detail we cannot find on Appnike. It is known for its scam websites that make up websites that cannot remain found using web searches or Bing, Google, and Yahoo searches.

We have not seen any such secret pages on this e-commerce website. This recommends that there are probably no hidden pages, which lends credibility to that website. If you discover a hidden page on this eCommerce site, comment on the web address in the comments section at the end of this analysis.

Additionally, tell others about (if applicable) by submitting your comments below. Did you almost get scammed or scammed because you learned this information too late? Your feelings matter; please share in the comment section below so that other readers don’t make similar mistakes.


On the contrary, if you believe that is honest, press the red text “This site is not a scam” in the header of this examination. It’s a one-tap feature that keeps you on this message and lets us know your voice.

For anyone who owns and if this web property is legitimate, please make sure to contact us so we can quickly investigate even more and then quickly correct or remove any or all details as appropriate if the online store is trustworthy.

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