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The Xbox App Starts, but nothing LoadsThe Xbox App Starts, but nothing Loads.

My Xbox app and my Xbox Games Pass are giving me trouble. I’ll include a screenshot of how it appears below. When I run it, nothing loads, and when I click the profile icon and select Sign In, nothing happens. I noticed that my games pass app wasn’t functioning correctly and that I had the Microsoft store error code 0x80131500.

I looked at this tutorial and followed the instructions, but neither the Microsoft store nor my games pass app remained fixed. I’ve previously removed/reset the Xbox Games Pass software several times and checked that my computer’s region settings are accurate.

Xbox Apps Not Working

  1. Press Windows Key+R, and enter services.MSC, and click OK. Make sure Background Intelligence Transfer is located and set to Automatic and Start. Apply the same principles to Windows Update as well.
  2. Use Windows Key+X to launch the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter Select Settings. Then select Update & Security. To troubleshoot, click. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Then select Windows Store Apps. Click Utilize the troubleshooter
  3. Use the Command Prompt to reset the Windows Store.

Now the Windows Search box, type cmd. Enter WSreset.exe by selecting Command Prompt from the context menu and choosing Run As Administrator. Restart the computer.

  1. Reregister all Store apps, step four (You will get many Reds, ignore them)

Using Windows Key+X, select Windows Powershell (Admin). Please copy the text below, then right-click to paste it into PowerShell. Finally, enter> Switch off your computer.

  1. Remove and reinstall the store

Using Windows Key+X, select Windows Powershell (Admin). Please copy the following few lines below, then right-click to paste them into PowerShell.

Remove-AppxPackage | Get-AppxPackage -allusers *WindowsStore*

  1. Run Integrated & Guided Troubleshooter for Windows Update remains demonstrated.

Integrated: Windows Key+X Select Settings. Now select Update & Security. To troubleshoot, click. To access Windows Update, Press the Troubleshooter button. offers a guided walkthrough.

Are Xbox Apps not functioning?

The Solution is Here. Your games and apps frequently crash on the home screen or don’t open if your Xbox apps aren’t working. In particular, when you launch an app, the dashboard appears after a brief splash screen.

Although it is an annoying problem, there is a simple fix. A random software or firmware problem that you can easily remove is the culprit. Soft, complex, and factory console resets are standard solutions. First, however, you must select between the following two scenarios:

  • One app or game in particular, or a few apps or games, won’t open. After a reset, the problem frequently disappears.
  • It’s a prevalent problem because many games and applications won’t open.
  • The outcome appears random once you reset the console. For instance, apps that previously wouldn’t open can now do so, and vice versa.

Causes of Xbox Apps Not Working

The most frequent reasons why Xbox apps don’t function are as follows:

  • The Xbox server may be unavailable due to maintenance for some apps and games. As an alternative, the server for the app or game can also be offline.
  • Temporary problem: Your console’s app start may remain being halted by a random, transient bug. It can happen when the console shuts down while you’re playing a game or using an app due to failed updates, power surges, overheating, or a blackout.
  • Blackouts, power spikes, and other unforeseen events may cause a power problem. However, your console now operates as intended.
  • Network problems: Applications and games may also be unable to launch due to unstable and poor connectivity.
  • Corrupted data on your Xbox profile might occasionally negatively affect apps and gaming. However, you can modify your profile or delete the corrupted data because it remains stored on your profile.
  • Corrupted save files: If your games won’t open, but your programs work, you may have corrupted local files on your computer. The problem could remain resolved by deleting your saves and re-syncing your cloud data.

Reset the Console Firmly

We would power cycle the console if the soft reset did not resolve your problem. Hard resetting the Xbox is another term for the procedure. In the process, Xbox’s protocols remain reset, and erroneous power flaws remain erased. These are the actions:

  • For about ten seconds, press and hold the power button on the console.
  • Unplug the console’s cords for five minutes after it turns off.
  • For roughly 10 seconds, while the cords are disconnected, press and hold the power button. It uses up the remaining energy.
  • Reconnect all the cords.
  • Restart the console’s power.


If the title screen of your Xbox games won’t load, restart and update your console. Then reboot your router and console after clearing your MAC address. Next, check your NAT setting and open the Xbox Live ports. Finally, reset your Xbox console, but keep your games and applications.

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