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Best Selling Feet Picture for Money Apps

Best Selling Feet Picture for Money Apps

Who buys foot pics?

I was wondering what sort of people would pay for images of feet. Not to worry. Not at all as strange as you may anticipate. Websites with stock photos On stock picture websites that focus on photos for commercial use, feet are a popular commodity. Ever see those adorable pictures of a family of feet peeking out from beneath a bedsheet? It is only one illustration.

Admirers of feet – The fact that many people adore feet is not exactly a secret. They’re willing to pay significant rates for gorgeous images of feet because it’s somewhat prohibited. These customers can be courteous and respectable, but I won’t sugarcoat it. Selling to this group of people is not for the faint of heart. Expect to hear direct requests and less than polite language. I’m not too fond of this.

Selling Feet Picture for Money AppsSelling Feet Picture for Money Apps

But with so many other online ways to earn thousands of dollars per month. But in this guide, I’m here to present you with all your options. Have you ever seen photos of pedicures, sandal shoots, or toenail varnish designs?

Foot model companies are all over this and are constantly looking for high-quality foot photographs for use in magazines, websites, and shoe stores. So starting with feet photos is a simple way to get your foot in the door if you’re attentive to learning how to work as a freelance model.

Designers – Numerous forms of art frequently feature feet. A foot remains often employed as a symbol, and it’s common to see feet depicted in paintings or sculptures. In addition, artists use images of the foot as a state of reference to produce it. Publishers – To help illustrate their stories, journalists, book publishers, and newsstands occasionally purchase foot photos. They could also buy foot images to save for upcoming articles.

How much money are feet pictures worth?

It depends on how much clients are willing to spend, just like most modelling and photography. Expect to make more money if your feet photos are published in high-end publications or on designer websites than if they remain only used on a blog.

This medical student makes $6,000 monthly to finance her education, selling pictures of her feet. She’ll be well on earning six figures if she keeps it up. There is no minimum pay and no cap on the amount you may charge as you are effectively a freelance photographer. You decide your pricing scale based on how much you value your photographs.

How to sell photos of feet online (safely)

There’s no getting around this being a bit odd side business. It’s also crucial to exercise caution when selling anything online, especially images of yourself, even though many companies legally purchase foot pictures. These are some of the best advice for selling feet photos safely:

Do some buyer research. Research is essential because it’s usually ideal to sell to trusted websites. Check out their background, reviews, and even the domain authority and spam score (if applicable). Any websites that seem dubious or spammy lack sufficient information or seek private information like credit card numbers should remain avoided.

Observe Records Of Best Selling Feet

It’s crucial to keep thorough financial records if you plan to sell a lot of foot photographs. It makes tracking transactions easier, ending disagreements over what has remained paid and keeping you organized for tax season.

Don’t divulge too much information. You become more susceptible to the more personal information you post online. So, don’t disclose anything too private until you know the buyer is genuine. Even then, refrain from sending anything too private.

Your image watermarks. Sadly, thieves exist. There are many scumbags online who will gladly purchase images of your feet for a pittance and then resell them for more money as if they had taken the pictures. Put watermarks on all of your photos to prevent this.

Keep Your Feet Hidden.

You may purchase feet images anonymously is one of the most excellent features. Keeping it this way is crucial since you have no idea what the buyer will do with your photos once they have purchased them.

If someone asks for images of your feet or other body parts, especially if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t trust them. Having said that, if you’re willing to have your face in your photos, you might get more customers. Whether or whether you feel comfortable doing this is up to you to determine.

Selling Online Images of Feet

Social media is the primary income source for many foot photo vendors. However, it would help if you exercise caution, as with any aspect of the internet. Spreading yourself too thin when deciding which social media networks to use is terrible. Instead, please choose one or two platforms that appear to be the most promising, and concentrate all your efforts on them. A strong presence on one platform is preferable to a weak one on ten.

Keep in mind that this is a marathon, not a race. So instead of making quick money, focus on gaining a dedicated following. Since customers will keep returning, this makes your life easier in the long run. Additionally, you can increase your prices as you keep improving the calibre of your images.

Opening a new account is typically a good idea to keep business and personal information separate. The lone exception would be if many of your present followers showed interest in photos of your feet. Make careful to delete any sensitive personal information from your account in that situation. Grab a notepad because this is how to sell feet pictures on social media.

How to sell Instagram photos of feet

Instagram is a fantastic platform for foot image sales. Additionally, it’s undoubtedly THE most significant social media site for images and photography. Additionally, public and private account choices are helpful when selling feet images.

IG has over 1 billion operators, many of whom purchase foot pictures. Start by making a brand-new account specifically for selling foot pictures. By following potential foot picture customers, you may increase your audience. Type “feet photos” in the search box to find additional vendors and foot models. Anyone who follows these accounts might be a prospective customer.


Pick a platform, then take some excellent photos of your feet and submit them. The simplest way to start is in a marketplace where people actively look for pictures. Then, on social media profiles, you may also begin expanding and selling.

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