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Qa With Silicon – QA at Silicon Valley California

Qa With Silicon: “QA at Silicon Valley California” Courses for novices and advanced QA Testers. The purpose of the courses remains to get a QA Engineer job or advance your QA skills and move from a Manual to an Automation QA position. Study and practice live Online Sessions with Silicon Valley professionals on IT projects. All lessons in Russian, terminology in English.

About Qa With Silicon

Website: https://QASV.US

Industries: E-Learning Providers

Company size: 51-200 employees

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California

Type: Self-Employed

Founded: 2019

They have been created and implemented by leading QA engineers founded on Silicon Valley California knowledge. They give only applied knowledge from their own experience. The course is ideal for people without knowledge of IT and QA.

Training is entirely in Russian terminology, and all practice is in English. QA Automation Online classes – 11 weeks, three times a week for 2 hours. QA Manual Online classes – 11 weeks, two times a week for 1 hour.

About the QA Engineer profession

About the QA Engineer profession

Every day they use a mobile phone or a computer, listen to music in applications, post photos on social networks, and pay for goods and services using payment services. And every year, technology more and more penetrates our everyday life and becomes an integral part.

Programmers write code to create all these facilities and applications, and testers test them before they reach users using special techniques and programs. This procedure is called Quality Assurance (QA), and the tester is called QA Engineer.

Testing is an essential part of creating a software product, as customer satisfaction and, therefore, the profit of the company that produces this product depends on its quality. Thus, the work of a QA Engineer is significant and well paid!

The work of a QA Engineer is prevalent in the states and worldwide. For example, at the time of publication, the LinkedIn job search site had about 200,000+ open vacancies, with an average salary of $120K per year! Each month, these numbers only increase.

In the online sequence, they will teach you the techniques and philosophies of testing programs and applications, working with both physical and automatic Selenium WebDriver testing using the most popular programming languages, Python and JavaScript. As well as employed with API services, programs for conducting IT projects Jira and GitHub, and the principles of software development Scrum, Agile, and Waterfall.

Course Benefits – Qa With Silicon

The drive of the course is to get an admired and well-paid job QA Manual or QA Automation Engineer.

Free trial lessons

The first lessons are free. So feel the benefit of the course without payment. Everything is easy and nearby, even for beginners!

The course is 11 weeks

They do not delay the learning process and exchangeable your time and money. Already during the course, you will be ready to take a practical interview and get the job of QA Automation Engineer.

Separate approach

They study in small groups, so teachers are ready to devote sufficient time to the learning process for each student.

Family studies for one price

Pay for one – study with the entire intimate with your spouse. However, they will give personal attention to each of you.

Work and internships

They help with internships in actual companies and employment, counting in the country of your current residence.


Why are QA Testers in High Demand? Testers are in high demand as companies need to release reliable software, recover from failed releases, and meet users’ needs in the ever-changing IT world. As organizations realized software’s power, they began hiring QA testers.

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