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What is a C spire?

“C” stands for the customer, CEO Hu Meena said in a conference call today. “The customer is what inspires us, and we like the word inspired, so we combined them,” he explained.

Meena said C Spire would use several new tools to support its goal of a more personalized customer experience. Chief among them is Pulse, a proprietary system that will track what apps, music, movies, websites, and other things users access to understand their preferences better.

Meena said that the system would use those preferences to recommend new apps and media that customers might like. Customers will have to opt into the program, said Kevin Hankins, the company’s chief operating officer, so anyone who doesn’t want to share information with the company doesn’t have to.

Hankins said customers who want to use Pulse could go into a store on Monday or call a company representative to set it up, choosing different levels of privacy protection.

The application finder will be called Scout. Hankins said other recommendation tools make suggestions on an app-by-app basis — if you like Angry Birds, try Cut the Rope — but Scout will base its choices on your entire user history and how well the apps complement each other.

Is unlimited data worth it?

However, mobile companies are starting to harness the power of the word. T-Mobile led the charge with an unlimited data plan of $70 per month (plus taxes and fees). AT&T and Verizon followed unlimited plans for $100 and $85 per month (again, plus taxes and fees). So no matter what carrier you use, you’ll likely be able to sign up for unlimited data.

However, once you dig in, unlimited data plans aren’t all. They remain cracked up. So before you lock by hand into an expensive long-term contract, ask these questions. You might end up saving some money!

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1.) How much Data am I Using?

How much Data am I Using?

The average smartphone user needs 2 to 3 gigabytes of data every month. It includes email, web browsing, and occasional music cyclosis. If you don’t use your smartphone for commercial and usually use Wi-Fi to stream video, this is probably a fair estimation of how much data you’ll use. Unfortunately, we often overestimate data consumption. For example, streaming 35 hours of Pandora music takes up just under 1 gigabyte.

Of course, there is no need to guess. You can return to your old accounts and calculate your average monthly data usage. It will take into account your specific habits and those of your family.

If your practice is more in line with the average, then a 3-4GB plan will be enough bandwidth for your phone. In addition, these plans are typically 30% cheaper than a comparable unlimited plan, which is a significant saving. However, according to one analysis, the deliverance of the complete plan won’t show unless you use more than 10 gigabytes per month.

Of course, you must factor in everyone’s data usage for a family of four. An average family of four uses about 12 gigabytes of data each month. That might be enough to make the unlimited plan worth it.

2.) Can I Change my Data Usage? – Aspire Data Pass

An unlimited data strategy can seem very attractive if you regularly exceed your monthly data allowance. However, changing your habits may be more intelligent than changing your plan. You can keep a more affordable plan and stay within your data limits by making a few changes.

If you’re a regular Spotify user on your morning commute, download a playlist to your phone over Wi-Fi and listen data-free. Reduce streaming video quality, mainly if you use an app like YouTube for music. You can also set your phone to download system and app updates only when connected to Wi-Fi. By making these changes, staying with the lower-cost plan may be more realistic.

3.) Can I Rely Solely on Smartphone Data?

There may be people who can’t kick the data habit. For example, maybe you use your cell phone extensively for business, or perhaps you live in an area that doesn’t yet have high-speed Internet. If that’s the situation, there may be other cord-cutting strategies you can use to lower your overall monthly expenditures.

If you don’t custom the Internet much at homebased but need your data on the go, it might be worth considering cutting your home internet and relying on mobile data all the time. Wireless hot spot devices broadcast a Wi-Fi signal and use your cellular data plan are available for around $50.

If you consider this route, note that no company is truly unlimited. Therefore, expect traffic to slow down after you use 20 gigabytes per month. However, if you use the Internet often in your home, you can quickly break this limit. Aspire Data Pass.


Whether or not an unlimited data plan is suitable for your circumstances depends on how much data you use now and how much data usage can remain capped. If there’s no way around an limitless data plan, there may be other ways to get the most out of your service.

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