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Hardshell Phone Cases Provide your Smartphone

Hardshell Phone Cases

Our Hard Shell Phone Cases Provide your Smartphone with Fashionable Protection.

Everywhere we go, we always have our cell phones with us. We text our friends about significant (or insignificant) events in our lives, ask them for directions, or look at cute kitten images. Unfortunately, there are numerous circumstances in which these priceless items can elude our control. For example, without a smartphone cover, a minor accident frequently causes the infamous Spider app, which has a shattered display and is challenging to use.

Get the proper phone case to prevent this and shield your smartphone from dents and dings. For this, our hard shell phone cases are the ideal option: They assist in protecting your smartphone from damage and look fantastic!

Thanks to our shop’s personalization choices, you may be certain that you are holding a real one-of-a-kind item in your hands with your new Hardcase mobile phone cover. Use your photos and provide a date or brief caption. We are the best in the business if you want to order and customize your hard shell phone cover online!

Caseable’s Hard Shell Phone Cases are Available for Purchase right now.

Caseable's Hard Shell Phone Cases are Available for Purchase right now.

We manufacture our smartphone hard covers specifically for you. Your hardshell case phone cover will remain constructed for you, made-to-order, in our manufacturing center in Lauterbach, regardless of whether you design it yourself with your photos or prefer a design from our collection.

As a result, we can ensure prompt delivery for you while also preserving the environment by avoiding overproduction. Therefore, we proceed with our duty seriously to protect the environment. Because of this, we provide a compostable sustainable, eco-friendly phone case in addition to our hard case mobile phone cover.

What makes the Hard Case for Our Mobile Phone so Unique?

There are, of course, a lot of other factors to consider in addition to the environmental one when choosing to purchase a mobile phone hard case from Caseable: By printing the hard case cover all the way around, we can guarantee a borderless display.

You can use all the buttons and ports on your smartphone without removing the case owing to the exact fit, which ensures that you may upload your image to our shop or select one of the well-liked photos for the design of your case. Furthermore, it couldn’t be simpler to attach the Hardcase mobile phone cover to the phone thanks to the click fastening. And even with the hard case, wireless charging on your smartphone is still possible! Here are each benefit’s highlights:

Optimal Print Quality

We use premium inks that print with vibrant colors that won’t fade over time. In addition, the entire case is printed, including the sides, so your chosen design is displayed there as well.

Incredible Appearance

Your new Hardcase phone cover will undoubtedly draw jealous glances. However, the hard case provides excellent protection and keeps you well ahead of the design trends.

Secure Defence

In addition to providing great side protection against breakage and scratches, the safe hard shell phone cover also completely encloses the smartphone.

Quick Delivery

After placing your order, your hard shell phone cover will be put into production and mailed to you, where it will arrive in a few days.

Friendly to the Environment

We only create when someone places an order, which means we make less waste and help to preserve the environment.


With us, you remain not restricted to the many popular trend designs; you may create your hard case using your images.

Ability to Charge Wirelessly

You can wirelessly charge your smartphone while in the hard shell phone cover because it enables wireless charging.

No Restrictions

Thanks to all connectors and camera cutouts, the smartphone can remain utilized without limitations.


We have premium cases available for all popular smartphone models. So whether you’re looking for a phone cover for the Samsung Galaxy A32, Huawei P30 Pro, or Apple iPhone 12, you can find it with us. So look around our store and let us create your brand-new, fashionable hard case. We hope you continue to enjoy it in the future.

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