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Samsung Note 8 Apps Crashing

Samsung Note 8 Apps Crashing

Annoying by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 freezing or crashing? Due to this app freezing, your galaxy Note 8 slow down and take more time to access your phone or web browser. Also, sometimes your galaxy Note 8 suddenly stops or does not respond to any process. If you find any app-related issue, use safe mode to find a particular app that is causing the problem.

Several users reported issues of a blank screen, call dropping or low call volume on Galaxy Note 8 devices. If none of the methods fixes your problem, you will try factory data reset or hard reset Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone. Instead, check out the below-given troubleshooting steps to fix Samsung galaxy Note 8’s freezing or crashing issue.

5 Tips To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s Crashing Problem5 Tips To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8's Crashing Problem

1 Way: Restart your Galaxy Note 8 phone

If your Galaxy Note 8 is crashing and freezing, switch off galaxy Note 8 and, after a few seconds, switch it on again.

2 Way: Check system software updates available

Check whether the system software update is available in your galaxy Note 8 devices using the settings below. If an update is available, update your galaxy Note 8 device. This system software update improves and fixes minor bugs in your Galaxy Note 8 phone.

Settings > about phone > System updates

3 Way: Check app update is available

Google Play Store > Menu > my apps & games > Update all. You can individually update all apps simultaneously using the above setting on your Galaxy Note 8 phone.

4 Way: Clear the app cache to fix Samsung galaxy Note 8 is freezing or crashing

Settings > Apps > Select apps > Storage > Clear cache

5 Way: Check galaxy Note 8 storage is not full

If the internal storage is complete on your galaxy Note 8 device, remove unnecessary data from your galaxy Note phone. Now check your Galaxy Note 8 device is working without freezing or crashing.

Crashing Apps On Your Samsung Galaxy Device?

Many Galaxy smartphones and tablet operators are complaining about apps crashing on their devices. This issue is not just incomplete for Samsung’s devices. It is a widespread issue that has been affecting a lot of Android users globally, subsequently yesterday. You can dose those app crashes using a simple solution if you are amongst those people.

If you can’t spot the information, you can fix it by uninstalling the newest update to the Android System WebView. You can do that by taking the following steps on your device running One UI 3:

  • Direct to Settings » Apps
  • Today tap on the sort button (with a descending arrow), enable the Show system apps to toggle and then tap on OK.
  • Now bargain Android System WebView and tap on it.
  • Blow on the three dots on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Today select Uninstall updates

Use MobileTrans to Backup

MobileTrans remains the best tool to back up your data to your computer and restore it to your phone later. Some geographies of this software are simply unique. MobileTrans can remain used to backup data on your Samsung phone in the following way:

Step 1: Connect Your Samsung Laptop and Phone

Primary, download and install the software on your computer. Once you take it on your computer, energy to Backup & Restore and open the sub-module Phone Backup & Restore. Before we move forward, you must connect your Samsung phone to your computer.

Step 2: Choice Data To Backup

After you take done this, you will see the data kinds of your phone on your computer. Then, you can select the sort of data that you request to back up to your processor and hit start.

Step 3: Start Backup

The backup procedure will start. You need to wait for the process to complete and remember to follow commands that may pop up in between. Don’t break the joining between phone and computer as that will basket the backup of data.

Samsung phone apps crashing subject is a crucial situation that may hamper the experience of a fantastic phone. To resolve the problem, you should first try the first eight solutions in the above list. Then, you need to reset the phone if these situations don’t help you eliminate Samsung phone apps crashing. For this, it is best first to back up your phone using MobileTrans.


When Samsung Note 8/9/10 apps keep crashing, you should try updating the system and apps. Also, Here is the leader on how to update the system: From the device home screen, swipe down from the Announcement bar and tap Settings. Next, scroll to and tap Software update, then Check for updates.

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