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Artificial intelligence has played a critical role in revolutionizing the technical industry. Many people believe that Artificial Intelligence makes their jobs easier; however, this is only one of the qualities of Artificial Intelligence.

What exactly is artificial intelligence (AI)?

Artificial intelligence, according to Wikipedia, “stood intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to natural intelligence demonstrated by humans.”

Depending on the role they play, artificial intelligence can be classified into several stages. We will go over all of these stages in this article, including their real-world applications.

Stages of Artificial Intelligence Development

Artificial Intelligence has three stages in modern science. These are their names:

1) Narrow Artificial Intelligence (ANI)

2) General Intelligence Artificial (AGI)

3) A.I. (Artificial Super Intelligence) (ASI)

Narrow Artificial Intelligence (ANI)

Artificial Narrow Intelligence occurs when an Artificial Intelligence system is programmed in such a way that it performs a set of instructions only for the specified data. Artificial Narrow Intelligence does not imply a dumb programme; rather, it is designed for a specific set of tasks.

Consider Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant as examples of Virtual Assistants. All of these Virtual Assistants are programmed to perform a variety of tasks, but these tasks are limited to their respective devices, i.e., smartphones, tablets, and so on.

If you ask Siri to call a friend, it will do so using the same iPhone; it will not use your landline because it simply cannot do so.

General Artificial Intelligence (AGI)

Artificial General Intelligence occurs when an Artificial Intelligence system is programmed in such a way that it can completely mimic human intelligence and behaviour.

Some researchers call it “Strong AI” or “Full AI.” Simply put, it is an Artificial Intelligence System that can work and make decisions in the same way that humans do.

There is currently no such system available in the industry, but researchers and scientists believe that in a few years, we will interact with such systems.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) (ASI)

Stages of Artificial Intelligence

When an Artificial Intelligence system is programmed in such a way that its decision-making ability and ability to mimic human intelligence is far superior to that of humans, it is referred to as Super Intelligence. In other words, it is a system that outperforms human capabilities.

This type of system is only available in fiction in the current industry. For example, in Avengers: Endgame (Movie), Jarvis was able to make better decisions than humans, qualifying.

It as an Artificial Super Intelligence system. Some believe that the emergence of this system will result in the abolition of human life. However, programming this system will take decades, if not centuries.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Will AI take your job?

Artificial intelligence is currently the fastest-growing field. According to Fortune, hirings for AI specialists have increased by 74% in the last four years. The “Hottest” job of the current generation is artificial intelligence.

Can artificial intelligence take over the world?

Science fiction (Sci-fi) films have influenced some people’s perceptions of AI. They imagine AI-programmed robots becoming so powerful that they will eventually destroy their creator and the entire world, resulting in the emergence of a new AI-controlled species.

What are the benefits of AI?

Because the hype surrounding artificial intelligence in the modern era is enormous, it has a wide range of benefits.

Apart from the previously mentioned massive job opportunities, AI has other advantages, such as the completion of looping or repetitive tasks that humans must perform without the disadvantage of human error.

What are the drawbacks of AI?

Building Artificial Intelligence models from scratch can be time-consuming and resource-intensive at times. If you want to build a deep learning model on a regular computer without a GPU, you should use a cloud platform because the model-building procedure on your PC is not sustainable.

How close are we to achieve AGI?

The concept of artificial general intelligence is intriguing. When an Artificial Intelligence programme can compute, evaluate, and work on multiple tasks with human-level integrity and intellectuality, this remain referred to as AGI.

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