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Future Scope Of Artificial Intelligence – 2024


The Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence with this detailed introduction, let us take a quick throwback to the 1950s. You know, the 1950s was a very different world compared to what we have today so think about it a 1950s computer looks like it’s out of this world, right, and then you know the fashion sense was very different.

The Cold War was going on, so how much all of this right you know I missed all of what was happening in the 1950s there was one thing which happened in 1956 which was amazing. So there is this conference called the Dartmouth conference so. It was a group of scientists meeting together for a summer research project.

This project lasted for about eight weeks, so the Dartmouth conference was where Mr. John McCarthy was the person. He’s called the father of artificial intelligence because he was the person who coined the term artificial intelligence. And thinks about it 64 years after this. The world is still mad about artificial intelligence.

The Future Scope Of Artificial Intelligence

The Future Scope Of Artificial Intelligence

So coming to the opinion of Daphne Koller, who works in the Stanford AI lab, says that you know, he believed in artificial intelligence in terms of building an artifact that could replicate human level intelligence guys human-level intelligence. Because of this, he was very unhappy with the AI we had today. Still, when you think about it today, we have so much artificial intelligence around us. It’s so suddenly integrated into our lives that you know we might not notice it’s there.

However, this doesn’t have the human-level intelligence that Mr. John McCarthy was hunting for. You distinguish, back in the day, he said that you know, which provides some very useful applications today. Still, then everything was focused on machine learning. He wanted artificial intelligence to pass something called the coined test.

What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence

Rendering to the Merriam-webster dictionary, artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers. AI is a technique that lets machines mimic human behavior.

Artificial intelligence is the model and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally needful human intelligence, such as visual vision, speech recognition, executive, and translation between languages.

AI is the imitation of human intelligence done by machines involuntary by us. The machines need to learn how to cause and do some self correction as needed along the way an artificial intelligence is accomplished by studying how the human brain thinks, learns, and decides to work while trying to solve a problem and then using the results of this study as a base of developing intelligent software and systems.

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

An application of AI can remain widely used in many applications, and I have listed a few to give you a wider perspective. So, first of all, I’m going to talk about the usage of AI and ml in healthcare. AI in healthcare is an angel in disguise. To understand this image, you have the past data of millions of patients with diseases in the past now.

All this data can remain put to an effective use in a sense. For example, we would be able to detect a disease in its early stages with the help of machine knowledge and artificial intelligence algorithms. Since the numbers never lie, we can be pretty sure about the accuracy of the results. Even if we have doubts, we can always check the accuracy in almost all cases.


The scope of Artificial Intelligence in India remains still in the adoption stage. Still, slowly it is being used to discover smart solutions to modern problems in nearly all the major sectors such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Cyber Security, Banking, Education and Infrastructure, Transport, Manufacturing, business, and Hospitality.

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