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Medium is the Message

Five Key Ideas from Understanding Media (1964)

This article from Marketing, the Canadian advertising, media, and public affairs magazine since 1908, was published to mark the 100th anniversary of Marshall McLuhan’s birth. While it is true that Marshall McLuhan’s ideas for these persuasion and sales professions are exciting, I don’t understand why this author calls these key McLuhan ideas “predictions.” Only the fourth one is particularly predictive. -AlexK

Marketing sees five of the media prophet’s 2011 predictions.

Matt Semansky – July 21, 2011

Marshall McLuhan Today If he had turned 100, the Edmonton-born media and culture prophet would have made it this mile in an era when digital technology proved many of his bold predictions correct. But, instead, I would have celebrated Stone.

Extra than 30 years after his death, the man who gave the world such maxims as ‘the medium is the message’ and ‘the global village has become a scholar, a cultural warrior, and all who seek to reconcile the interactions between them. It continues to affect people in Understand society and technology.

McLuhan – Medium is the Message

McLuhan - Medium is the Message

McLuhan is particularly notable in the advertising industry, as he has translated many phrases he learned about the drive into books and given lectures and interviews. For example, he once declared advertising “the greatest art form of the twentieth century,” but his views on the subject were more complex and critical than this oft-repeated quote would suggest.

For example, McLuhan also described advertising as an “environmental striptease for the affluent world” and assumed that the main product advertised was himself.

He blamed the advertising industry while acknowledging that it plays an increasingly important role in Partly; for this reason, he continues to influence marketing, creative, and media greats worldwide. But more importantly, his unique ability to predict the future has given McLuhan such posthumous currency. Although he died long before the internet age, his theories are alive and well in his Web 2.0 world of social media and smartphones.

To mark McLuhan’s 100th anniversary, marketing takes note of five predictions that are remarkably prescient when viewed through the rearview mirror of 2011.

The Media Is The Message

The most famous and misunderstood McLuhanism is as accurate today as it was during the television age. McLuhan’s point was that the influence of the medium itself is more important than the content it carries. Every medium, from light bulbs to computers, conveys messages to users.

For example, the Internet is important not because it has an infinite supply of content but because it has created a world that expects an endless and instantaneous supply of content.

New Electronic Interdependence is Reshaping the World in the Image of a Global Village

The term ‘global village remained coined to describe how the Internet would condense vast worlds, allowing one side to transmit information instantly. It can reasonably remain applied to how to. On the other hand, it’s about keeping people connected despite being geographically distant.

McLuhan was referring to electronic media forming collective “tribe”-based identities…and today? See how Twitter and Facebook users are from follower groups or how consumers receive messages from their daily transactions on their mobile phones.

We Outline our Tools, and our Tools Shape us

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook (at least this is his story version). However, everyone who came of age or was born after that invention was somehow “created” by it or other social networking platforms that followed it. As a result, we now have meaningful interactions with people and brands, both online and in the real world. Future generations will not distinguish between the two.

The age of Automation will be the age of ‘do it Yourself.’

The truth of this prediction is particularly offensive to owners of traditional media such as newspapers and magazines and to marketers who have had to do it. It was something. They stay adapted from the typical message of the “push” style.


Blogs turn everyone into a publisher, computer programs like Pro Tools enable ordinary people to produce professional-quality music and movies, and notifications his boards. Social media allow consumers to create their own, not just passively accepting ads that tell you what you want.

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